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Business Financial Planning

Corporate Financial Planning From An Experienced Business Financial Advisor

As a business owner, your time is stretched thin. It’s easy to neglect long-term corporate financial planning while focusing on the day-to-day needs of your business. Since your business is likely your most significant asset, effective business financial planning is essential.

We are experienced business financial planners and can help create a long-term business financial planning strategy that will help you meet the financial goals of you and your family now and throughout your retirement.

Our Business Financial Planning Process

Our business financial planning process addresses all of your major corporate financial planning challenges including business regulations, tax laws, liability risk, employee benefits, retirement plans, executive compensation, and succession planning.

To better address the corporate financial planning needs of our business owner clients, we focus on three business planning areas most likely to impact our clients:

1. Business Retirement Plans

We review your company’s current retirement plan to make sure it meets your needs and regulatory requirements. Our business financial advisors will provide turn-key solutions for your company’s 401(k) retirement savings plans, defined contribution, defined benefit pension plans, SEP, IRAs, and Individual Keogh plans for the self-employed.

2. Business Group Benefits

We carry numerous employee benefit products from multiple carriers for group health, life, disability, and dental insurance plans, as well as flexible and voluntary pre-tax solutions for childcare, health care, and other allowed expenses.

3. Executive Benefits

As your business financial advisor, we can help you reward, retain, and recruit key executives through specialized products and unique plan designs such as deferred compensation plans, executive bonus plans, salary contract, and “golden benefit” plans. With our business financial planning and employee benefit planning experience and insight, we can help you maximize the financial performance of your company and create packages that will help build your assets and those of your employees.

Business Financial Planning Services

Our business planning products and services include the following:

Financial Management

• Business financial statement analysis
• Cash management/structuring

Protections Planning

• Business overhead insurance
• Disability Income insurance
• Life insurance
• Key person disability/life insurance

Employee Benefits

• SEP, pension, age-weighted, and profit-sharing retirement plans
• Group medical, life, and disability insurance
• Cafeteria plans
• Employee communications and financial education

Tax Planning

• Proactive tax planning related to business decisions
• Tax deferral and reduction strategies
• Executive benefits
• Capital transfer arrangements
• Deferred compensation and salary reduction plans
• Executive personal financial planning

Business Transition and Estate Planning

• Business transfer/liquidation strategies
• Buy/sell arrangements
• Estate tax freeze and tax reduction planning
• First-to-die and second-to-die insurance programs

Let us be your trusted business financial advisors. We can help you manage your personal and corporate financial planning issues and create a plan to pursue your financial and life goals.

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